Wireless Networks and Devices Commitment and Development

The S&DR has designed, developed and manufactured the linear, low power consumption, and if needed even self powered wireless network with very simple architecture. The S&DR uses standard Low Power Transceiver, but with S&DR’s proprietary communication protocol that allows to use actually unlimited number of units in one line system. Networks elements are very simple and identical to each other. Network doesn’t have any routers or hubs. Number of elements is up to 1000 and more per one line end computer. (Length of protected border/perimeter is up to 40km and more if transceiver spacing in line is 40m).

At the RF level for all RF control devices and all control Agencies S&DR’s radio module looks like usual ZigBee device. It is 2.4 GHz Low Power Transceiver for the IEEE® 802.15.4 Standard. S&DR’s systems do not require getting any permission for radio use around the world. But at "low" level those are very unique systems.
Such wireless networks are used in various different security products (seismic, IR, acoustic, vibro sensing, etc.) For more information click here .
Low power 2.4 GHz band RF transceiver boards for proprietary applications.