Business Areas:
Signal Processing & Analysis

S&DR uses proprietary, unique and reliable methods/technology that can solve the main problems of almost all security, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems. S&DR’s methods can be used for real-time working systems and allows to drastically increase their detection range and reduce false alarm rate. This method achieves outstanding results by single and multi-channel signal processing in real time:

• Of low-frequency physical signal or low-frequency amplitude-modulated or amplitude-manipulated physical signal (0.5-3.0 Hz).
• In case of poor signal-to-noise ratio (SNR up to 1:1).
• By arbitrary and unstable shape and amplitude of the signal.
• By short duration of the processing record (4-10 seconds).
• By missing of the part/parts of the signal (up to 1-2 seconds).
• With extremely low for any practical needs False Alarm rate not higher than 10-6.
• By using the simple micro controller for signal processing.

S&DR has experience of realization of that method by signal processing in:
• seismic systems
• passive hydroacoustic sensors
• passive IR-sensors
• active ultrasonic detectors

Corresponding method can be easy extended to all other types of the passive and active systems.