Sensors/Detectors Commitment and Development

S&DR provides a comprehensive solution for the security, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) issues in today's rapidly changing environment conditions. S&DR offers a range of various sensors that based on unique and S&DR proprietary software and hardware. S&DR conducts leading edge research for existing sensor improvement and new sensor development.

Seismic sensors

S&DR has achieved outstanding and verifiable results in the design and development of various seismic sensors. These results include, in particular, the software and hardware design for up-to-date unattended seismic detection and identification systems that have very broad military and civil applications. S&DR's seismic sensors provide a zero false alarm rate with no target missing and can be used in many real and important defense and homeland security tactical situations. Existing seismic sensors as usual allows to say that "bad guys" are crossing the protected border. S&DR seismic sensors are able to say from which side a person approaches the protected border and in which directions the border is being crossed (from inside or outside). That ability significantly increases the tactical usefulness of seismic security and ISR sensors, especially Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS).
Seismic wireless rapid deployable detection module with handheld devices for information representation. Two-channel seismic wired processing and communication unit with two-channel geophone.

Passive hydroacoustic sensors

S&DR approach to a signal processing provides outstanding results by hydroacoustic signal processing in real time. S&DR's software for the processing of the low-frequency amplitude-modulated or amplitude-manipulated hydroacoustic signal (0.5-3.0 Hz) provides substantial increase of the underwater target detection range in real environment conditions. That allows to design autonomous unattended sensors, including passive sonobuoy, with exceptional tactical characteristics. In some tactical situations that sonobuoy can have almost ten-times higher detection range in comparison with existing hydroacoustic sensors.

Passive IR-sensors

S&DR has designed a software and hardware for infrared (IR) security and ISR systems, which are able to detect person/personnel at the protected border and can not only detect "bad guys" crossing the border but can also estimate direction of the border crossing (inside or outside of the protected facility). These IR sensors can be combined with seismic sensors that allows creating a two layer integrated security system, which has much higher performance than one layer security systems separately (just only seismic or only IR). In addition to that S&DR has software for passive IR vehicle detectors that can be used in intelligent transportation systems. Corresponding software provides vehicle counting, speed measurement and general class discrimination.
IR wired sensors for various applications. IR wireless sensor.

Active ultrasonic detectors

For intelligent transportation systems S&DR has designed software that can be used in active ultrasonic detectors. Corresponding active ultrasonic detector provides presence and queue detection, vehicle counting, speed measurement, length classification and height or class discrimination. S&DR offers the most cost effective solution for such kind of detectors.