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Unique combination of education, knowledge and advanced degree in Physics and Math Sciences, in Electronics and Communications, and in Military Science.

MS in Physics - St. Petersburg University, Russia, with National Accreditation, 1972, Faculty of Physics. (Lenin Scholarship Holder, GPA=4.0, top of the class)

PhD in Physics and Math - St. Petersburg University, Russia, with National Accreditation, 1975, Faculty of Physics.

MS in Electronics and Communications Engineering - Naval Academy of USSR/Russia with National Accreditation, 1983, Faculty of Radio Electronics. (Commanding and engineering staff, Officer with higher military education) (Lenin Scholarship Holder, Gold Medal, GPA=4.0)

Doctor of Science Degree. U.S. Equivalent: Post-Doctoral Research in Engineering in two majors: Military Cybernetics, information science, operational research, systems analysis, modeling of systems and actions and Systems operations and their Military efficiency. Granted by the Higher Attestation Board of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, 1990.


Senior Research Scientist - Granted by the Higher Attestation Board of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, 1979,

Professor - Granted by the Ministry of General and Professional Education of the Russian Federation, 1998.


Experience in analysis, examination and assessment of scientific projects, technical systems and practical use of such systems.

Deputy Chairman of the Specialized Council for Doctor Degrees that was set up by the Higher Attestation Board of the Council of Ministers of the USSR with the purpose of examination and judgment of scientific works of scientists contending for an award of PhD and/or Doctor of Science academic degree in scientific branches related to military applications (1990-2000).

Member of special commissions during the adaptation (access to service) of electronic underwater surveillance and reconnaissance systems for military use, and member of a special board of analysis that performed assessment of generals and headquarters management of such systems during annual war games in the USSR/Russian Navy (1985-1998).

Member of the Naval Academy's Specialized Methodology Council that evaluated and selected the best manuals, textbooks, study guides and other published scientific and methodological papers of the Naval Academy (1991-2000).

Member of the Academic Council of the Naval Academy, which is in charge of all the key issues of the Naval Academy's life and work (1992-2000).


Knowledge, expertise and experience in the following Research Scope of the Defense Information systems analysis:

- Development and design of Defense Information systems
- Defining objectives for Defense Information systems (various tactical tasks and applications)
- Estimating and maximizing Defense Information systems efficiency
- Justification of the requirements for Defense Information systems
- Suppression and counteraction to a Defense Information system (Counteraction)
- Protection of the Defense Information system from suppression (Counter-Counteraction)
- Compatibility of Defense Information systems with other IT systems


More than 170 scientific papers and books, methodical papers, manuals and textbooks on processing geophysical fields, pattern recognition and design of automated electronic safety, observation and environment control systems. The major part of these publications (more than 100) is related to Defense and Security issues. In particular, over the last 20 years, published works about detection and destruction/annihilation of the underwater saboteurs and other terrorists/trespassers. Last 17 papers and 5 US Patents were published in the USA and presented at nine International "Defense & Security" Symposiums during 2003-2010. (List of Publications is available per request).

WORK EXPERIENCE (part-time jobs not included)

More than 30 years of scientific and teaching experience in leading higher education establishments in Saint-Petersburg State University, (Faculty of Physics), Naval Academy of Russia (Faculty of Radio Electronics), and scientific research institutes (Scientific Research Institute of Physics at Saint-Petersburg State University, State Scientific Research Institute of Navigation and Hydrography, Scientific Research Institute of Radio Electronic Armament of the Navy, all in Saint Petersburg, Russia). An experienced leader and manager. In 1998, was elected a member of Peter the Great Academy of Sciences and Arts for his outstanding contribution to the development of Russian science.
2009-Present Time Founder & President of Security&Defense Research LLC (Yonkers, NY, 10703)
Research and design software and hardware for Security and Defense purposes. Analysis & Consulting.
2001-2009 Principal Scientist at General Sensing Systems LLC (Ardsley, NY 10502)
R&D related to seismic footstep, light and heavy vehicles detection and identification for the area and perimeter protection systems for security and other military applications. Design of the novel miniature seismic sensor and small size seismic unattended detection module with low power consumption for security application.
1998-2001 Director of Science at LLC RIPAS (Development and production of automated systems) (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Management of development of radio-electronic means. Design of environmental safety and monitoring systems. Development of methods of pattern recognition and interpretation of geo- and other physical data for those systems.
1983-1998 Senior lecturer, assistant professor, professor, senior research scientist of the Faculty of Radio Electronics of the Naval Academy (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Management of development of radio-electronic means. Design of environment monitoring systems. Development of the theory of protection of underwater observation, surveillance and reconnaissance radio electronic systems and means from interference and suppression. Development of geophysical data processing methods. Created the basic course of lectures for teaching and training specialists in the sphere of control of information facilities and systems development for military defense and security.
1976-1981 Senior research scientist of the State Scientific Research Institute of Navigation and Hydrography (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)
Development of the theory of monitoring and efficiency estimation of geophysical processes modifications.
1975-1976 Junior research scientist of the Scientific Research Institute of Physics at Saint-Petersburg State University (Russia).
Development of methods of statistical interpretation of physical and geophysical observation results.


Principal scientific adviser of five Ph.D. students of the Radio Electronic Faculty of the Naval Academy who successfully defended their dissertations during the period 1987-1998. Their dissertation were in the field of the hydro acoustic and seismic surveillance and reconnaissance radio electronic systems. They were based on math, computer science and cybernetics.


Five medals for outstanding service and outstanding contribution to the development of national science and technology on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation, Presidium of USSR Supreme Soviet and USSR Minister of Defense (1978-1998).


US Permanent Resident.