Microcontrollers Commitment and Development

The S&DRís signal processing algorithms for all new sensors can be realized with low power consumption miniature microcontrollers. S&DR provides design of such microcontrollers using current comprehensive knowledge and outstanding achievements in microcontrollers engineering. They can be successfully used in both wireless and wired military and civil security and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems. Typical S&DR microcontroller board incorporates multi-channel signal processing unit and several signal preamplifiers for various kind of signals sources (seismic, IR, acoustic, etc.). Those microcontrollers broaden the possible applications range for S&DRís products drastically. S&DR also widely uses reliable off the shelf (OTS) solutions especially for providing wireless communication in rapidly deployable security and ISR systems.
Handheld device for simultaneous information representation from seismic and IR wireless sensors. Wired devices for signal amplification, processing and communication. (Seismic is on the left. IR is on the right.)