About Us


Security&Defense Research LLC (S&DR) is a research and engineering company that provides excellent scientific, technical and military solutions to complex and challenging real world problems. S&DR uses revolutionary and proprietary methods and technology for moving target (object) detection. It can be applied to many security and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems that perform signal processing of various physical fields (seismic, hydroacoustic, acoustic, IR, magnetic, electromagnetic, etc.).

S&DR provides design and development of microcontrollers and other hardware for security and ISR systems. S&DR also widely uses reliable off the shelf (OTS) solutions especially for providing the wireless communication in rapidly deployable security and ISR systems. That hardware drastically broadens the possible applications range for S&DRís products.


S&DR also provides clients with a variety of consulting services in the areas of security, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems.

A wide range of S&DR solutions is possible thanks to broad skills and ability of the company's founder Dr. Alexander A. Pakhomov. He has a unique combination of education and knowledge as well as an advanced degree in Physics and Math Sciences, in Electronics and Communications, and in Military Science. This knowledge and expertise allows for fast and optimum results and solutions in the field of Defense and Security applications.