Business Areas:
Defense (ISR)

S&DR implements research and design of software and hardware for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems that use various physical and geophysical fields. S&DR assists organizations with the development of such integrated and simple systems. S&DR team has experience in the siting, design, and construction of ISR systems that can be stationary and rapidly deployed. S&DR is a research and engineering company recognized for providing  excellent scientifical, technical and military solutions to complex and challenging problems in providing security of the ISR systems and various military facilities. The key point of the S&DR achievements is based on using new approach to signal processing in ISR systems that allows to drastically increase their detection range and reduce false alarm rate.

S&DR provides clients with a diverse and complex set of analysis of the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems based on its knowledge, expertise and experience of the following:

• How an ISR system should be created?
• For what purpose an ISR system is created (specifically for which tactical tasks)?
• How to estimate the system’s efficiency? How to use the ISR system with the highest efficiency? System optimization.
• How to set up requirements to an ISR system?
• How to suppress and counteract to the ISR system? (Countermeasure).
• How to defend the ISR system from suppression? (Countermeasure to Countermeasure).
• How to provide compatibility to other ISR systems?

Outstanding results of the S&DR in Defense area are based on unique combination of education, knowledge and advance degree in Physics and Math Sciences, in Electronics and Communications, and in Military Science that has a Founder and President of the S&DR company Dr. Alexander A Pakhomov.