Countermeasures & Counter-Counter
Measures Techniques

The S&DR has successfully designed and developed the most reliable and robust algorithms and software for many sensor systems that use various physical fields. Corresponding knowledge and long-term practical experience has allowed to achieve outstanding results in area of countermeasures. Knowledge and understanding of high efficient countermeasures to up-to-date sensor systems lead to ability to understand, design, and develop the most reliable ways and techniques of the counter-counter measures (defense from “bad guys” countermeasure activities). This is actually the way to design the most reliable sensor systems that can work in conditions of active countermeasures from any “bad guys”.

The S&DR develops both active and passive measures and techniques to reduce the enemy’s sensor systems effectiveness. However, the main emphasis is made at passive measures and easy target behavior techniques that sometimes allow reducing the detection and identification ability of sensor systems to zero.

The S&DR develops all possible ways of counter measures, including:

• Target masking, reducing of the target “visibility”, and reflectivity modification
• Noise jamming
• Deception & false target generation (imitation)
• Environment conditions changing

The S&DR designs and develops counter and counter-counter measures and techniques for seismic, hydroacoustic, acoustic, acoustic-seismic, IR, optoelectronic, and other sensors that are used in typical active and passive security, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems, in perimeter intrusion detection systems, and in various Unattended Ground Sensors.

Practical use of S&DR’s counter measures and techniques in fact reduces efficiency of suppressed sensor systems to zero. On the other hand practical use of S&DR’s counter-counter measures and techniques allows to keep efficiency of sensor systems even in countermeasure conditions at the required level.